Intraspexion Benefits

A software system to reveal litigation risks in yesterday’s emails.

Intraspexion UI

In this advanced version of the User Interface, the system called out 25 of 20,401 Enron emails as “related” to the risk, which is only about one-eighth of one percent. Relevant subject matter words are highlighted as a visualization aid, but the decision is yours. If you assess this email as a True Positive and click Open Email (red box, on the left), the system will open the email in its native format. That’s your starting gun for an internal investigation, e.g., email threading, HR performance reviews, etc. If the investigation adds support to your assessment, you can provide a pre-litigation “early warning” to a control group executive, and, together, decide how best to prevent the dispute. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, it’s far cheaper to quell the risk than battle its realization.

Intraspexion® is honored to have been named in the inaugural list of The National Law Journal's Legal AI Leaders (2018) & in the inaugural edition of the ArtificialLawyer's AL 100 Legal Tech Directory (2018).


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