To learn how to nip potential lawsuits in the bud, go to the tab for How It Works. But first consider:


Reduce Litigation Spend: On average, lawsuits cost about $350,000 per case. Even if a defense is successful, your company loses. Prevention is only way to win.

Protect Brand: Avoiding any potential lawsuit helps you preserve your company’s brand.

Protect Leadership: When regulators attack, they must prove a specific intent to do harm. With us, you’ll have evidence of a specific intent to avoid it.

Avoid Productivity Losses: Do your employees enjoy receiving litigation hold notices, meetings with counsel, or preparing for depositions? Disruptive!

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BREAKING NEWS: On December 4, 2018, the AI World Conference & Expo ( will offer its firstAI in Legal” panel. Intraspexion’s CEO Nick Brestoff is on that panel. If you’re going to AIWorld (in Boston), please say hello.

PREVIOUS BREAKING NEWS: On October 9, 2018, the USPTO issued Intraspexion’s 8th “deep learning” patent, and it’s a breakthrough. For details, go to 8 Patents.

Intraspexion® is honored to be in the first two issues of the LawGeex In-House Counsel's LegalTech Buyer's Guide (2017 & 2018), the inaugural list of The National Law Journal's Legal AI Leaders (2018) & the inaugural publication of the ArtificialLawyer's AL 100 Legal Tech Directory (2018).


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and, among other publications, to have been featured in:

 Bloomberg Law - Big Law Business
 Legal Tech 2017 Buyer's Guide
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 CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
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 ACC Legal Ops Observer
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