Request our Free Trial. Corporate counsel only.

Employment discrimination is our first "use case." As we go, we'll listen to our customers and add other PACER-based business-relevant uses.

To qualify for our free trial, your company must have experienced a certain amount of pain, i.e., a total of fifty (50) or more discrimination lawsuits in federal court during the last three (3) years.

After we agree on your NDA and our Free Trial Agreement, we'll send you a laptop, server (including a GPU card that's pre-trained for "discrimination" using deep learning), and set-up instructions for you to use "on premises" for a limited time. You pay only for shipping.

You'll ask IT to help you set the hardware up in a war room, and in a way that's not connected to your internal email system. This way, you'll isolate our laptop-server combination from your company systems. IT should have no objections.

Then you can try our system, at first in two ways: (1) by putting in some Enron emails from the EDRM and (2) by putting in emails (in .pst format) from the production set(s) from one or more of your now-closed discrimination cases where you already know which of the emails were risky and which ones were the "smoking guns" that may have forced a settlement or a loss at trial.

Then, since our system has Office 365 connectivity and, using our Administration Console, you can process yesterday's emails and then each day after that. But since the trial deployment is "on prem," we'll never see your emails. 

Now, both of us will want to know some statistics about the trial.

Among the KPIs are the following:

1. Did our system find one or more of the risky emails you already knew about? Great. Now compare the dates on those emails with the date the lawsuit was filed. How much time would you have had to investigate the situation and avoid the escalation?

2. Did our system find a risky email you didn't know about? Better still. Was it material?

If you like what you see, you have a solid Proof of Concept, and we can take the next step together.

So try a system that a third party reviewer called "new and inventive for the profession," and see for yourself!

First come, first served.