Request our Free Trial. Corporate counsel only.

Our PACER-based first use case is Employment discrimination (formally Civil Rights:Jobs and PACER Nature of Suit code 442). As we go, we'll listen to our customers and add other PACER-based business-relevant uses.

To qualify for our free trial, your company must have experienced a certain amount of "employment discrimination" litigation in federal court during the last three (3) years. Then you'll have a test bed for the trial, as we'll now explain.

STEP 1: We agree on your MNDA and our Trial Agreement.

STEP 2: You find and reserve a war room for the trial.

STEP 3: We'll send you a laptop and a server (the server will have a GPU card in it that's pre-trained for "discrimination"), along with set-up instructions for you to use "on premises" for a limited time. You pay only for shipping.

STEP 4: You'll set the hardware up in the war room, and maybe ask IT for help, but set the hardware up in a way that (for starters) is not connected to your internal email system. This way, you'll isolate our laptop-server combination away from your company's email system.

STEP 5: Then you can try our system by putting in some Enron emails, e.g., from the

STEP 6: Then you'll want to test our system with your emails. You'll have to provide us with a lot of your emails (emails that weren't part of any litigation production set) to help us make our Deep Learning Engine specific to your company. We'll generate a new version of our Deep Learning Engine that'll be company-specific. (Note: We don't story your emails or transfer them to any third party.) After we send our now company-specific server back to you, you may test it by putting in emails (in .pst format) from the production set(s) from one or more of your now-closed discrimination cases. For these tests, you should already know which of the emails were risky and which of the emails were the "smoking guns" that may have led you to settle the case. Can we find them? We've done it before. Can we find risky or "smoking gun" emails you didn't know about? Probably. We've done that before, too.

STEP 7: Last but not least, you can work with IT to connect our system to your internal email system. Since our system has Office 365 connectivity, you can use our Admin Console to process yesterday's emails (in automated or manual modes) and see what our system surfaces for you. 

And rest assured that, since the trial deployment is "on prem," we'll never see your emails. 

If you like what our system finds, you have a Proof of Concept, and we can take the next step together.

First come, first served.