Intraspexion Receives a Rave Review

Every once in a while, I put “intraspexion” into a search engine and see what comes up.

Today I found an article about Intraspexion I hadn’t seen before.

The title of the article is “Predict the Risk of a Law Suit? Intraspexion’s Deep Learning Model Makes it Possible.”

This article was published on February 21, 2018, and was written by Pranav Dar, an editor at Analytics Vidhya.

According to the Analytics Vidhya website, Pranav Dar is a “Data visualization and Six Sigma practitioner who loves reading and delving deeper into the data science and machine learning arts. Always looking for new ways to improve processes using ML and AI.”

Dar’s article is here:

I’m only going to quote a portion of the article’s last paragraph:

“Intraspexion is as unique as it is transcendent. Their software has the capability of saving millions of dollars for firms and sets the precedent for others to follow.”

From what I see in other articles on Analytics Vidhya's website, they know Deep Learning. So quite apart from the (previously unknown) rave review Intraspexion received, I’m a subscriber now.