The Score for Patents in LawGeex's “Prediction Technology” Sector? Intraspexion: 7, All the rest: 0

On May 16, 2017, LawGeex published The In-House Counsel’s Legal 2017 Tech Buyer’s Guide.

As part of its Buyer’s Guide, LawGeex put together an Legal AI Landscape (below).

In the upper right hand corner, LawGeex described one of its 10 sectors as Prediction Technology.

In the Prediction Technology sector, six companies were listed. All six were recognized by The National Law Journal in its inaugural list of Legal AI Leaders.  As of January 2018, three companies in the LawGeex Prediction Technology sector have already been acquired.

The Prediction Technology "six" are:

Docket Alarm (acquired by Fastcase)


Lex Machina (acquired by LexisNexis)


Premonition, and

Ravel Law (acquired by LexisNexis).

Legal AI Landscape - LawGeex

The question is:

Of the Prediction Technology companies, which of the six (6) companies have received patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)?

We did the research and, here, we show our work with screen shots.

As a preliminary matter, we note that only individuals can be inventors. Companies are assignees.

In the USPTO database, one can search under the category Assignee Name, which is abbreviated “AN.”

Thus, for each company, our search was for AN/“company name”. 

USPTO Screenshot 1 - Assignee Name

Here are the results:

AN/”Docket Alarm” (also searched as DocketAlarm): 0 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 2 - DocketAlarm

AN/Intraspexion: 7 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 3 - Intraspexion

AN/“Lex Machina” (also searched as LexMachina): 0 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 4 - LexMachina

AN/LexPredict (also searched as Lex Predict): 0 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 5 - LexPredict

AN/Premonition: 0 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 6 - Premonition

AN/“Ravel Law” (also searched as RavelLaw): 0 patents.

USPTO Screenshot 7 - RavelLaw


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